OCON 2018!

Join STRIVE and The Undercurrent at OCON 2018 in beautiful Newport Beach,California, June 30–July 5. The conference is put on by the Ayn Rand Institute and includes a variety of fun, informative and engaging events–including ones hosted by STRIVE! 


Join us at summer and fall conferences for one-of-a-kind lectures, interactive Q&A’s, networking, and simply good company. 

Clubs Whether you’re looking to start an Objectivist club on campus or are already running one, STRIVE has resources, contacts, and guidance to help you and your community explore Ayn Rand’s philosophy.


Apply for our individual mentoring, or attend our Mentoring Q&As online, to learn from professionals how Objectivism has benefited their careers, and how it can have an impact in your life.

Objectivism Q&A’s

Learn more about a philosophy of life and reason. Attend our live sessions online to ask your questions, and receive personalized answers from various experts in Objectivism.


The Undercurrent

The Undercurrent is STRIVE’s blog that provides students inspired by Ayn Rand the opportunity to write, improve their skills through our editing process, and get published!

Venture Fund

Do you have a great idea for a project, but don’t have the money to make it happen? STRIVE offers small grants to students looking to advance Objectivism in the culture.