Introducing STRIVE


STudents for Reason, Individualism, Value pursuit, and Enterprise


Who We Are

STRIVE: STudents for Reason, Individualism, Value pursuit, and Enterprise.

STRIVE is a nationwide student organization which consists of a network of campus clubs: (“STRIVE Clubs”) as well as a campus newspaper distributed across the country (“The Undercurrent”).

Ayn-Rand-roundOur clubs focus on personal and leadership development and are inspired by Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. We provide students with tools that help them develop into young people with a clear, first-handed purpose in their own lives and a moral certainty about their right to pursue it. We work together to discover and define our personal values, for the sake of happiness and achievement.

STRIVE Clubs give students access to practical resources and knowledge, through the unique perspective of Objectivism, and provide them with opportunities to join the broader Objectivist student movement.

What We Do

STRIVE operates both locally, through Campus STRIVE chapters, and nationally. Our local chapters host student workshops, discussions and webinars. Nationally, we host an annual Student Conference and we offer a mentorship program, which connects STRIVE members with professionals in their field who can inspire, network and advise them.

Campus STRIVE supports you in:

  • Developing a sense of purpose for college and beyond, as well as the confidence to execute on it, through our STRIVE workshop series.
  • Honing your leadership skills by hosting club events on campus, and by helping to organize our national conference and mentorship program.
  • Thinking, writing & getting published. Join our moderated philosophical discussions on topics like “What’s the proper way to think about one’s self-interest?”… and then write about it for our national campus publication “The Undercurrent”.

Listen to STRIVE’s leaders explain what they’ve accomplished and┬átheir goals for the future of the organization