Who We Are

STRIVE: STudents for Reason, Individualism, Value pursuit, and Enterprise.


Ayn-Rand-roundSTRIVE is a student-led organization that works with students who are interested in the novelist and philosopher, Ayn Rand, and how her ideas can have a real impact in their lives. We believe young people can all benefit from identifying an articulate, productive purpose that is central to their hierarchy of values. We also believe that reason, learning to apply one’s mind to the world, is essential to that aim.

Our mission is to inspire and empower a community of students to explore and put into practice the principles of Ayn Rand’s philosophy.

What We Do

STRIVE provides value to students through our programs and activities at Objectivist conferences. Our online programs include the Objectivism Q&As, Mentorship program, and The Undercurrent.



STRIVE supports you in:

  • Exploring Ayn Rand’s philosophy in depth with experts.
  • Learning from and connecting with Objectivist mentors.
  • Thinking, writing & getting published.

STRIVE Executive

Sydney Hoff

Executive Director

Sydney supervises the student executive team, assists them with setting and achieving goals for growth, ensures recruitment efforts are consistent throughout the year, and oversees conference event planning. She is also responsible for coordinating fundraising efforts and maintaining relationships with donors to the organization.

Born and raised in New York, Sydney is forever in love with New York City and spends her weekends enjoying theater productions, museums, thrift stores, and, of course, pizza. She is a proud cat mom, a passionate writer, and an enthusiastic yogi.

Tyler Ashby

Chief Operating Officer

Oregon State University

Tyler oversees STRIVE’s operations and ensures that our programs and website function in achieving our overall mission. He also coordinates our one-on-one mentor pairings.

His career goal is to study the psychological benefits of rational philosophy. In his spare time, Tyler conducts interviews on his YouTube channel, and attends the Objectivist Academic Center.

Celeste Hook

Chief Strategy Officer

Okanagan College

Celeste is responsible for developing and ensuring the successful implementation of STRIVE’s strategy, as well as overseeing our marketing and communications.

She studies philosophy and business in college, and works in her spare time as a self-employed video editor and graphic designer. Her hobbies include reading and songwriting.

Thomas Duke

Editor-in-Chief, The Undercurrent

University of Alabama

 Thomas manages STRIVE’s publication, The Undercurrent, working with writers to prepare their pieces for publication while also writing pieces of his own.

Thomas is a PhD student in communication where he also teaches several public speaking courses.

Ryan Miller

Director of Marketing

University of Michigan Alumnus

Ryan is responsible for developing and implementing STRIVE’s marketing strategy. He leads the advertising efforts for STRIVE’s programs and opportunities, as well as helps maintain the website. He’s interested in finding creative ways to build the STRIVE brand and mission.

He currently lives in Downtown Detroit and is the Manager of Marketing Services at JACK Entertainment. In his free time he works as a freelance proofreader and writer. Hobbies include writing on his personal website, millerryan.me, rock climbing, reading and traveling.

Sam Weaver

Director of Objectivism Q&As

Davidson College

Sam moderates and organizes STRIVE’s Objectivism Q&A program. He ensures that students have the opportunity to meet with scholars of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, and maintains the quality of our webinars.

After Sam graduates with his English degree, he hopes to pursue a career in secondary education. He is passionate about literature, especially in relation to philosophy and history. Sam is also a student at the Objectivist Academic Center.

Lauren Fraser

Video Editor

Northern Virginia Community College

Lauren creates video content for STRIVE that is shared on social media. She is responsible for our informative and promotional video clips taken from recordings of our live Q&As.

Lauren is a student at Northern Virginia Community College, working towards a Cinema A.F.A. She aims to write films that have complex stories relating to ethics and heroic characters. In her free time she enjoys baking and watching Lord of the Rings, Studio Ghibli films, and everything made by Ridley Scott.