Are you looking for a way to expand your philosophical knowledge, meet fellow Objectivists, and develop resources to advance your career? Conferences allow you to learn from Objectivism experts, meet and have discussions with others who are grappling with these ideas same as you, and help you build connections with a network of knowledgeable, hungry, freedom and philosophy lovers.

STRIVE attends a number of conferences to help facilitate this exchange of ideas and resources. We host various events aimed at getting students actively engaged with Rand’s ideas, as well as to bringing more fun to their overall experience at the conferences.

We have hosted Q&A’s on Objectivism, held workshops on club leadership and writing skills, organized for speakers to educate students on the practical applications of philosophy, and held social meet-ups. Our regular activity at conferences has been our Speed Networking event, where students sit down at a table with unique professionals and intellectuals so they can talk to them about what interests them and what led to their success. Every ten minutes we have the students move to a new table and network with another person.

Conferences are our opportunity to meet with students in person, to connect with those looking to explore Rand’s philosophy, and gain practical benefit from face to face discussion. We love being able to learn what individual students’ interests are, where they’re going in life, what their aspirations are, and how we can help them build the life they want to live.


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