SVF Projects

DISCLAIMER: While STRIVE supports student initiatives to learn about and disseminate Ayn Rand’s ideas, we do not have any way to monitor the accuracy of the students’ representation and understanding of Objectivism. These projects represent their leaders and authors’ views only.

Objectivist Discussions

Description: Objectivist Discussions hosts 2 main episodes of “Objectivists Discuss” each month where we discuss engaging topics that can last a little over an hour. We also will begin hosting debates in a series called “Objectivist Dialectics”, as well as casual conversations featuring two people lasting about 30 minutes.

Cast members: Tyler Ashby (Content Director), Amit Tal, and Hayden Martz

“Many things inspired me to create a podcast featuring Objectivists having conversations. The Objectivist movement is taking a new focus in creating a sense of community, and I wanted contribute in the best way I could. I noticed how many great conversations I had at the Objectivist Summer Conference this summer, and realized sharing those could be of a great value to people. All it took for me was a long history of watching podcasts myself, and feeling compelled to follow through with anything I remark as, ‘actually a good idea.'”

Tyler Ashby

Content Director, Objectivist Discussions