If you are interested in learning more about being individually paired with a mentor or becoming a STRIVE mentor

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship is a developmental partnership between someone with experience and expertise in one or more areas (mentor), and an individual seeking learning and growth in these areas (mentee).
We believe mentoring should balance guiding the mentee and encouraging the mentee’s own self-discovery. A good mentor doesn’t tell a mentee what to do, but rather helps the mentee to better understand what his or her own goals are and how to go about achieving them.

The Benefits of a STRIVE Mentor

  • Motivation/Inspiration
      Hearing another person talk about their own passions can light your fire for pursuing your own goals and inspire you to discover new ones.
  • Accountability with Goal Setting
      Making a goal “public” increases commitment to the goal. Let your mentor be your public.
  • Sounding Board and Cheerleader
      A mentor should be someone who a mentee can bounce ideas off of, and give honest and objective feedback. They are also someone who will root for your success and support your goals.

Students interested in Objectivism will benefit from a mentor that also has a similar intellectual background/value system as them. STRIVE mentors are unique in that they can provide guidance through a framework of reason and self-interest, properly understood.

Win-Win Relationship

What do mentors get from this relationship?

  • Discussing and sharing their values
  • Meeting inspiring young people
  • Working with individuals from different backgrounds and different personality types allows mentors to grow and strengthen their coaching and leadership skills
  • The mentorship relationship prompts mentors to be more reflective on their own experience, giving them more opportunity to think about lessons learned
  • A mentor’s ideas, values, advice, and experience live on