2015 Conference Recap

STRIVE-Logo-200The Leven Foundation Student Conference: “The Morality of Value Creation and Trade” which took place from November 6-8th in Atlanta, GA was a huge success! A big thank you to all the speakers and participants as well as the Ayn Rand Institute and the Leven Foundation, for making the conference possible!

If you want to know what the conference was all about keep reading.
Below you find a conference recap, as well as links to the program and to videos of the talks that were held over the course of the weekend (we will continue to add more and more videos over the next weeks).

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2015 Program

The 2015 Leven Foundation Student Conference: The Morality of Value Creation and Trade featured keynote talks and breakout sessions by business people and philosophers who understand that creating and trading values is a profoundly moral activity, and who are serious about making the most of their own lives. In addition to talks, the conference included a number of networking opportunities as well as a Speed Mentoring event. The full program and speakers can be found here: https://strivecon2015.sched.org Some of the speakers included:


Yaron Brook

Ayn Rand Institute
Executive Director


Keith Schacht

Mystery Science


Carter Laren

Inara Ventures


Alex Epstein 

Center for Industrial Progress


Amesh Adalja

Physician, Pittsburgh, PA


Rajshree Agarwal

Robert H. Smith School of Business 
Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Ray Girn

LePort Schools


Haley Azulay 

TalentGrow LLC
Founder & CEO