Hope you enjoyed OCON! See you next year!

OCON 2016 Summary

OCON is an annual summer conference hosted by the Ayn Rand Institute and dedicated to the study and discussion of Objectivism. It is held in a different major city every year. OCON 2016 took place in Bellevue, Washington from July 2-7. During this week, individuals interested in Ayn Rand came together to learn about her ideas and their application in today’s world.

OCON 2016 featured a STRIVE Student Leader Training, where students learned activism and communication skills to help them introduce Ayn Rand’s ideas on their campuses. You can read more about this training below. To learn more about OCON, please visit here.

Don’t miss the next OCON, occurring on in June 10-15, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! There will be travel scholarships and special hotel rates available to help with the cost of attendance for qualifying students. We hope to see you there!

Photo by the Ayn Rand Institute


Don't miss STRIVE's next event!

If you are interested in joining us for OCON in the summer or #AynRandCon in the fall, contact us to enquire about registration and scholarship opportunities. Qualified students will have a large portion of their airfare, lodging and conference expenses covered. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet like-minded students, interesting speakers and mentors, and to discuss important and exciting ideas.