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The STRIVE community includes active and engaging reading groups discussing Ayn Rand’s books!

Ayn Rand was a best-selling author, and her novels and essays continue to inspire confidence in young minds, encouraging them forge their own path in life. Today you can read her works alongside others more easily than ever, and explore her ideas in depth as they relate to your life. Whether you’ve only heard the title of Atlas Shrugged, or have studied Rand’s philosophy for years, we welcome you to join our community!

Our groups tend to meet each week over Zoom or other video chat software, and each group has selected their own book to read through. Those who participate are expected to have a genuine interest in Rand’s ideas, and commit to reading along with the group to the best of their ability. You can join an existing group, or if the book you’re interested in isn’t being covered, volunteer to lead a new STRIVE group! We’ll help you get a group organized and learn to lead a discussion. Can’t afford a book? Apply for a free copy at! To get connected with the larger STRIVE community, join our closed Facebook group.

Since STRIVE’s mission is to empower a community of students, our groups are currently reserved for those under the age of 30.

Active Reading Groups

[Book] – [Led By]

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal – Mohamed

Return of the Primitive – Aleksandra

Romantic Manifesto – Tom

For The New Intellectual – Vinicius

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