Recap: Objectivist Summer Conference 2017


June 10-15, 2017


Pittsburgh, PA

Every year, the Ayn Rand Institute hosts an Objectivist Summer Conference (OCON) dedicated to the study and discussion of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Taking place in a different major city in the U.S. each summer, OCON is an exciting opportunity for you to learn about Objectivism and its applications.

In Summer 2017, OCON took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from June 10-15. Students enjoyed staying at the luxurious Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square, with their travel and accommodations reimbursed by generous student scholarships from the Ayn Rand Institute.

OCON 2017 was a celebration of productive heroes and the heroism of productiveness. Attendees gathered for talks and panels by leading experts, stimulating conversation over complementary meals, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, students, and professionals in the growing Objectivist community.

Students also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with each-other through STRIVE’s unique conference programming. We hosted two “Mentor Meetups” for students, where they engaged with speakers Alex Epstein and Matt Bateman about how Ayn Rand’s philosophy can help to guide pivotal decisions in both one’s personal and professional life. We hosted a live “Objectivism Q&A” for students to ask Objectivist philosopher Greg Salmieri any questions they had about Ayn Rand’s philosophy. We also held a Speed Mentoring session, for students to get a taste of our Mentorship Program, in which we pair students with professionals in their field for one-on-one mentorship. Finally, students listened to a stimulating talk from Tyler Ashby, entitled “Generating and Executing Project Ideas”.

With OCON 2017 behind us, we’re already looking ahead to the next Objectivist conference in the fall: The Ayn Rand Student Conference (#AynRandCon) 2017, hosted by The Ayn Rand Institute in collaboration with STRIVE.  Taking place November 3 – 5th, with a focus on the meaning of liberty, #AynRandCon is another opportunity for students to travel, learn from one-of-a-kind panels and lectures, network with professionals, and connect with each-other in our expanding community.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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