STRIVE Venture Fund

STRIVE is very excited to announce the very first STRIVE Venture Fund for the academic year 2016/17

Info & How to Apply

What is the STRIVE Venture Fund (SVF)?
The STRIVE Venture Fund is a small-grants fund designed to attract and support student activist ideas related to STRIVE’s mission and to Objectivism. By funding student projects, we plan to capture and disseminate the best ideas, as well as connect student grantees amongst each other and with the Objectivist community. Typical grants will be in the $100-$300 range.
What is the ideal SVF Project?
The ideal project will be a student-led initiative that involves other students in the learning and application of Ayn Rand’s ideas to their own lives, in a way that aligns with STRIVE’s mission: “To provide students with tools that help them develop into young people with a clear, first-handed purpose in their own lives and a moral certainty about their right to pursue it.” It will have a clear goal, timeline and budget, and success metrics. Check out an example project here.
Application Process
Students who request funds will be expected to provide the following information:
– personal information & confirmation of being a student
– goals of the project
– how the project relates to STRIVE’s mission and to the dissemination of Objectivism
– expected outcomes of the project, including metrics
– timing of the project
– budget for the project
– project reporting
They will be invited to present the results of their project at OCON 2017 in a “shark tank” type of session, where they have 2 minutes to present their results. There will be an audience and a SVF prize awarded to the best projects. Also, applicants for the 2017/2018 grants will be invited to pitch their ideas at OCON as well. This will be a good way to share success stories with the adult audience, and share good ideas/best practices with other students present.
Application Timeline
Student applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Please submit your application by the 15th of any month – a decision will be made by the last day of that month.
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